General rubbish which is not recycling can be put down the rubbish chutes if in small plastic bags.
If the bags are too bag to fit in the chutes they should be carried down the steps to the rubbish bins in the rubbish bin storerooms.
If the rubbish can be recycled, like the blue crate and cardboard boxes in the picture, they should be taken down to the recycling bins.
For any other items that are not recycling or general rubbish, such as electrical items or furniture, residents need to arrange for them to be taken to the council tip. The nearest is the Chalvey Household Waste Recycling Centre <> at White Hart Road, off Spackmans Way, SL1 2SF.
Nothing should be left by the chutes or by the storerooms as Radian need to call someone in to have it removed and all residents are charged extra.