The Opening of Ward Royal by HM Queen Elizabeth II
23rd June 1969

Ward Royal is one of Windsor’s most impressive housing developments. Indeed, ever since it was built, the edifice has come in for no criticism.

Ward Royal was opened by the Queen on 23rd June 1969. It was a thoroughly wet day, brightened only by the appearance of the blocks of flats themselves!

The high hopes that these new flats would become ‘dream homes’ for many Windsorians was soon realised.

The flats were built following the demolition of a large area of terraced housing bounded by Arthur Road to the north, Alma Road to the west and Charles Street to the east. The terraced houses were often featured in films such as the ‘Carry On…’ series and also, famously, in a Norman Wisdom film ‘On The Beat‘ from 1962 where Norman is pursued by a vast army of policemen.

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