A couple of weeks a go a microwave was left by the rubbish storeroom near the Christian Square ramp. It has since been vandalised and now lies in pieces in the stairwell. If you have any unwanted electrical items please ensure that they are taken to the Chalvey Household Waste Recycling Centre <www.slough.gov.uk/bins-and-recycling/household-waste-recycling-centres.aspx> at White Hart Road, off Spackmans Way, SL1 2SF.
If these items are left by the chutes they will not be dealt with by the cleaning staff, as it is not their job. What will happen is that Radian will have to be called to get someone to take such rubbish away and all residents will be charged.
The residents association is looking at arranging a regular pick-up of items which are not general rubbish or recycling, but that is not yet in place.